Harrisonburg GOP News

January 2021


COVID UPDATE: The Harrisonburg City GOP is still holding in person committee meetings. Social Distancing guidelines are being practiced, and masks must be worn by all attendees at all times during the meeting. 

Membership: Dues for 2021-2022 fiscal year will be due by February 27, 2021 at 5pm. Any member who does not submit their dues by this deadline will automatically lose their membership. Members that lose their membership and rejoin at a later date, must be accepted by a majority vote of members present and in good standing in order to have their membership and voting rights restored. To avoid this please ensure your dues are submitted on time. 
Chairman Mayfield has updated the 2021-2022 Membership Application Form. It will now completed online using google forms. This helps committee leadership keep records in a more official and organized manner. Members who have issues using the google document form may still request a paper form via email and those copies must be submitted to Secretary Seigle or Chairman Mayfield before the dues deadline. 

2021-2022 Plan of Action and State of the Party: Chairman Mayfield will address the committee at the January committee meeting concerning the state of the Harrisonburg GOP and 2021-2022 plan of action.

Committee Fundraiser: The committee fundraiser has been moved from early February to late spring due to the continous spread of COVID-19 and Executive Orders from the governor and city that prohibit large gatherings. We are hopeful that by the spring or early summer we will be able to host our annual fundraiser. 



The Committee will meet on January 7, 2021 at 6:30PM at Vinny's Italian Grill & Pizzeria or Alternate location due to increase numbers of attendees. 

REMINDER: As we go into a new year of meetings, the Executive Committee would like to remind members that parliamentary procedures must be observed at all times during the meeting. Side conversations should cease once a meeting is called to order, and members must properly obtain the floor before speaking. This helps to keep the meeting orderly, limits unnecessary banter and helps to keep the focus on the agenda. The Chairman will be stepping up enforcement of parliamentary procedure during all official committee meetings. 



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