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MARCH 2021


After a lengthy 7 hour long meeting last Saturday, the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee decided once again on holding an assembled convention as the method of nomination for the Executive Branch seats up for election.  The sometimes heated debate over choosing a Convention versus Primary has been ongoing for quiet some time, with the more conservative wing of the party favoring Conventions and the Establishment wing favoring primaries. Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell if the convention will be able to proceed as an assembled convention as currently planned. With COVID-19 cases soaring across the state, and with this process determining who will be the republican nominee's to face off with the democrats for state control, it remains to be seen what democrat governor Ralph Northam may do concerning large gatherings. Most would not put it past him to tighten down restrictions specifically to hinder the RPV's ability to nominate a strong candidate. There is a chance that the RPV will need to reconvene and amend the convention to an unassembled convention, much like it was last year. This would look more like a giant statewide party canvass than it would a convention. Nonetheless, the decision to move forward with a convention will impact GOP units across the commonwealth. Once again throwing us into a process to elect delegates to the State Convention. The chairman will notify members as more information unfolds about the process and the time frame we have to work with. 


As we all know, every year is an election year in Virginia. This year is a pretty important one. The entire balance of power is a stake. All 100 seats of the House of Delegates are up for election, as well as the entire Executive Branch. So far there are at least seven candidates seeking the GOP nomination for Governor, five for Lt. Governor, and three for Attorney General. As mentioned in the main article above, the RPV has chosen a convention for its nomination method. This will likely prove to be an interesting and exciting nomination process to say the least. Stay tuned for more candidates to appear or maybe disappear. 

With the upcoming RPV State Convention, the Harrisonburg GOP Executive Committee discusses options for electing delegates. The final conclusion was to propose a Mass Meeting, which is the normal method used for electing delegates to a convention. The proposed Mass Meeting Call is scheduled to be brought to a vote for the full committee at its March 4th meeting. Other methods of election are suitable to use for electing delegates, such as a party canvass or a unit convention. 

Executive Committee To Advocate for Mass Meeting


In late December, Chairman Jeffrey Mayfield and Rockingham GOP Chairman Daryl Borgquist met with the Chairman of the 26th Legislative District Committee to determine a nomination process for the 26th District House seat currently held by Delegate Tony Wilt. UPDATE 02/27/2021: The LDC voted to choose a primary as the method of nomination if Delegate Wilt faces a nomination challenger. 


The local news media has been notified twice now of the Harrisonburg GOP's press release concerning real estate tax increases. Both times the emails were ignored. The Subcommittee responsible for handling the press releases is continuing work to address this issue. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.


For months, the committee has been exploring options to host a fundraiser. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee has been forced to delay this fundraiser. In December the committee voted to move the date of the Fundraiser from February to late spring or early summer at the earliest. A specific date has still not been chosen at this time. The Recruitment and Outreach and Planning Subcommittee are working out the details for this fundraiser and should have a report coming out soon for the full committee.


In compliance with Virginia's Mask Mandates in public, masks are required to be worn at any indoor public setting in which the Harrisonburg City Republican Committee is operating in. This includes but is not limited to regular monthly meetings of the committee. Members who refuse to cooperate with this policy will be asked to attend the meetings by conference call. Because the meeting venue is a restaurant, members who are eating and/or drinking are obviously not required to wear a mask then, but once they have finished eating and/or drinking, they must put their mask back on covering their nose and mouth. A "mask" is defined as a cloth covering that securely fits over and covers the nose and mouth. 


The Chairman and Executive Committee would like to remind members that parliamentary procedures must be observed during all official business meetings of the committee. Per the committee bylaws and the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia, the committee is governed by Roberts Rules of Order. Once a meeting begins, only the speaker has the floor and may speak. In order to obtain the floor, you must be recognized by the presiding chairman. Observing these procedures helps to keep the meeting on track, without distractions, and limits wasting time. Please makes sure you are keeping to the procedures. 


2021-2022 Subcommittee Appointments:

Planning Committee - Kathy Clancey, Chair

Recruitment & Outreach Committee - Diane Iovanna, Chair

Sales Committee - Jane Burner, Chair

Social Media Committee - Dan Rose, Chair

Stewardship Committee - Greg Coffman, Chair


Contact the editor at HarrisonburgCityGOP@gmail.com and make your request. 

NEW: Position of Newsletter Editor is open to interested committee members. Contact the Chairman if you are interested. 


The Newsletter is published on the last day of each month. All requests that are to be added to the newsletter must be received prior to its publication. 


Disclaimer: The editor, chairman, or executive committee reserve the right to refuse the publication of any requested announcements if it is deemed contrary to the principles of the Republican Party



First Friday's - March 5, 2021 at 12:00P.M. at the Wood Grill Buffett. Please come at 11:30 if you plan on having lunch. The meeting will start precisely at noon.  Attorney General Candidate Chuck Smith is the guest speaker for this event. 

Committee Membership Dues are due by Feb. 28th at 5pm.

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